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From 1980 to 1989

By Trina Valdez 30th March 2002

FACTS about the decade of 1980:

USA Population: 226,546,000

National Debt: 1980- $914,000,000,000
1986- 2,000,000,000,000

Average Salary: $15,757

Life Expectancy: Male 69.9 Female 77.6

Minimum Wage: $3.10

BMW was $12,000; Mercedes 280 E was $14, 800

Attendance: Movies 20 million/week

1985-The sexual revolution encountered a major adversary when Rock Hudson died of AIDS.

1985 to 1990 the use of cocaine addiction was up 35 percent, though the number of users had declined. Nancy Reagan's Just Say No campaign had great influence. Toward the end of the decade, President Bush called for a kinder, gentler nation and volunteerism and contributions reached an all time high.

1986- shuttle Challenger exploded 74 seconds after liftoff at Cape Canavaral, Florida killing all seven astronauts, including school teacher Christa McAuliffe. 1988- Human Genome Project created.

1989- Americans gave $115,000,000,000 to charity

Nobel Prize Winners: 1980 - Czeslaw Milosz, 1982 - Gabriel Garcia Marquez , 1983 - William Golding, 1984 - Jaroslav Seifert, 1985 - Claude Simon, 1986 - Wole Soyinka, 1987 - Joseph Brodsky, 1988 - Naguib Mahfouz

Movies: Wall Street, War Games, Top Gun, Platoon, Revenge of the Nerds, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Breakfast Club, The Brat Pack, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mr. Mom, Baby Boom, Purple Rain.

Academy Award Winners
Picture: "ORDINARY PEOPLE", "Coal Miner's Daughter", "The Elephant Man", "Raging Bull", "Tess"

Actor: ROBERT DE NIRO in "Raging Bull", Robert Duvall in "The Great Santini", John Hurt in "The Elephant Man", Jack Lemmon in "Tribute", Peter O'Toole in "The Stunt Man"

Actress: SISSY SPACEK in "Coal Miner's Daughter", Ellen Burstyn in "Resurrection", Goldie Hawn in "Private Benjamin", Mary Tyler Moore in "Ordinary People", Gena Rowlands in "Gloria"

Supporting Actor: TIMOTHY HUTTON in "Ordinary People", Judd Hirsch in "Ordinary People", Michael O'Keefe in "The Great Santini", Joe Pesci in "Raging Bull", Jason Robards in "Melvin and Howard"

Supporting Actress: MARY STEENBURGEN in "Melvin & Howard", Eileen Brennan in "Private Benjamin", Eva Le Gallienne in "Resurrection", Cathy Moriarty in "Raging Bull", Diana Scarwid in "Inside Moves"

Director: ROBERT REDFORD for "Ordinary People", David Lynch for "The Elephant Man", Roman Polanski for "Tess", Richard Rush for "The Stunt Man", Martin Scorsese for "Raging Bull"

Picture: "CHARIOTS OF FIRE", "Atlantic City", "On Golden Pond", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Reds"

Actor: HENRY FONDA in "On Golden Pond", Warren Beatty in "Reds", Burt Lancaster in "Atlantic City", Dudley Moore in "Arthur", Paul Newman in "Absence of Malice"

Actress: KATHARINE HEPBURN in "On Golden Pond", Diane Keaton in "Reds", Marsha Mason in "Only When I Laugh", Susan Sarandon in "Atlantic City", Meryl Streep in "The French Lieutenant's Woman"

Supporting Actor: JOHN GIELGUD in "Arthur", James Coco in "Only When I Laugh", Ian Holm in "Chariots of Fire", Jack Nicholson in "Reds", Howard E. Rollins, Jr. in "Ragtime"

Supporting Actress: MAUREEN STAPLETON in "Reds", Melinda Dillon in "Absence of Malice", Jane Fonda in "On Golden Pond", Joan Hackett in "Only When I Laugh", Elizabeth McGovern in "Ragtime"

Director: WARREN BEATTY for "Reds", Hugh Hudson for "Chariots of Fire", Louis Malle for "Atlantic City", Mark Rydell for "On Golden Pond", Steven Spielberg for "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Picture: "GANDHI", "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial", "Missing", "Tootsie", "The Verdict"

Actor: BEN KINGSLEY in "Gandhi", Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie", Jack Lemmon in "Missing", Paul Newman in "The Verdict", Peter O'Toole in "My Favorite Year"

Actress: MERYL STREEP in "Sophie's Choice", Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria", Jessica Lange in "Frances", Sissy Spacek in "Missing", Debra Winger in "An Officer and a Gentleman"

Supporting Actor: LOUIS GOSSETT, JR. in "An Officer and a Gentleman", Charles Durning in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas", John Lithgow in "The World According to Garp", James Mason in "The Verdict", Robert Preston in "Victor/Victoria"

Supporting Actress: JESSICA LANGE in "Tootsie", Glenn Close in "The World According to Garp", Teri Garr in "Tootsie", Kim Stanley in "Frances", Lesley Ann Warren in "Victor/Victoria"

Director: RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH for "Gandhi", Sidney Lumet for "The Verdict", Wolfgang Petersen for "Das Boot", Sydney Pollack for "Tootsie", Steven Spielberg for "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial"

Picture: "TERMS OF ENDEARMENT", "The Big Chill", "The Dresser", "The Right Stuff", "Tender Mercies"

Actor: ROBERT DUVALL in "Tender Mercies", Michael Caine in "Educating Rita", Tom Conti in "Reuben, Reuben", Tom Courtenay in "The Dresser", Albert Finney in "The Dresser"

Actress: SHIRLEY MACLAINE in "Terms of Endearment", Jane Alexander in "Testament", Meryl Streep in "Silkwood", Julie Walters in "Educating Rita", Debra Winger in "Terms of Endearment"

Supporting Actor: JACK NICHOLSON in "Terms of Endearment", Charles Durning in "To Be or Not to Be", John Lithgow in "Terms of Endearment", Sam Shepard in "The Right Stuff", Rip Torn in "Cross Creek"

Supporting Actress: LINDA HUNT in "The Year of Living Dangerously", Cher in "Silkwood", Glenn Close in "The Big Chill", Amy Irving in "Yentl", Alfre Woodard in "Cross Creek"

Director: JAMES L. BROOKS for "Terms of Endearment", Bruce Beresford for "Tender Mercies", Ingmar Bergman for "Fanny and Alexander", Mike Nichols for "Silkwood", Peter Yates for "The Dresser"

Picture: "AMADEUS", "The Killing Fields", "A Passage to India", "Places in the Heart", "A Soldier's Story"

Actor: F. MURRAY ABRAHAM in "Amadeus", Jeff Bridges in "Starman", Albert Finney in "Under the Volcano", Tom Hulce in "Amadeus", Sam Waterston in "The Killing Fields"

Actress: SALLY FIELD in "Places in the Heart", Judy Davis in "A Passage to India", Jessica Lange in "Country", Vanessa Redgrave in "The Bostonians", Sissy Spacek in "The River"

Supporting Actor: HAING S. NGOR in "The Killing Fields", Adolph Caesar in "A Soldier's Story", John Malkovich in "Places in the Heart", Noriyuki "Pat" Morita in "The Karate Kid", Ralph Richardson in "Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes"

Supporting Actress: PEGGY ASHCROFT in "A Passage to India", Glenn Close in "The Natural", Lindsay Crouse in "Places in the Heart", Christine Lahti in "Swing Shift", Geraldine Page in "The Pope of Greenwich Village"

Director: MILOS FORMAN for "Amadeus", Woody Allen for "Broadway Danny Rose", Robert Benton for "Places in the Heart", Roland Joffe for "The Killing Fields", David Lean for "A Passage to India"

Picture: "OUT OF AFRICA", "The Color Purple", "Kiss of the Spider Woman", "Prizzi's Honor", "Witness"

Actor: WILLIAM HURT in "Kiss of the Spider Woman", Harrison Ford in "Witness", James Garner in "Murphy's Romance", Jack Nicholson in "Prizzi's Honor", Jon Voight in "Runaway Train"

Actress: GERALDINE PAGE in "The Trip to Bountiful", Anne Bancroft in "Agnes of God", Whoopi Goldberg in "The Color Purple", Jessica Lange in "Sweet Dreams", Meryl Streep in "Out of Africa"

Supporting Actor: DON AMECHE in "Cocoon", Klaus Maria Brandauer in "Out of Africa", William Hickey in "Prizzi's Honor", Robert Loggia in "Jagged Edge", Eric Roberts in "Runaway Train"

Supporting Actress: ANJELICA HUSTON in "Prizzi's Honor", Margaret Avery in "The Color Purple", Amy Madigan in "Twice in a Lifetime", Meg Tilly in "Agnes of God", Oprah Winfrey in "The Color Purple"

Director: SYDNEY POLLACK for "Out of Africa", Hecter Babenco for "Kiss of the Spider Woman", John Huston for "Prizzi's Honor", Akira Kurosawa for "Ran", Peter Weir for "Witness"

Picture: "PLATOON", "Children of a Lesser God", "Hannah and Her Sisters", "The Mission", "A Room with a View"

Actor: PAUL NEWMAN in "The Color of Money", Dexter Gordon in "'Round Midnight", Bob Hoskins in "Mona Lisa", William Hurt in "Children of a Lesser God", James Woods in "Salvador"

Actress: MARLEE MATLIN in "Children of a Lesser God", Jane Fonda in "The Morning After", Sissy Spacek in "Crimes of the Heart", Kathleen Turner in "Peggy Sue Got Married", Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens"

Supporting Actor: MICHAEL CAINE in "Hannah and Her Sisters", Tom Berenger in "Platoon", Willem Dafoe in "Platoon", Denholm Elliott in "A Room with a View", Dennis Hopper in "Hoosiers"

Supporting Actress: DIANNE WIEST in "Hannah and Her Sisters", Tess Harper in "Crimes of the Heart", Piper Laurie in "Children of a Lesser God", Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in "The Color of Money", Maggie Smith in "A Room with a View"

Director: OLIVER STONE for "Platoon", Woody Allen for "Hannah and Her Sisters", James Ivory for "A Room with a View", Roland Joffe for "The Mission", David Lynch for "Blue Velvet"

Picture:"THE LAST EMPEROR", "Broadcast News", "Fatal Attraction", "Hope and Glory", "Moonstruck"

Actor: MICHAEL DOUGLAS in "Wall Street", William Hurt in "Broadcast News", Marcello Mastroianni in "Dark Eyes", Jack Nicholson in "Ironweed", Robin Williams in "Good Morning, Vietnam"

Actress: CHER in "Moonstruck", Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction", Holly Hunter in "Broadcast News", Sally Kirkland in "Anna", Meryl Streep in "Ironweed"

Supporting Actor: SEAN CONNERY in "The Untouchables", Albert Brooks in "Broadcast News", Morgan Freeman in "Street Smart", Vincent Gardenia in "Moonstruck", Denzel Washington in "Cry Freedom"

Supporting Actress: OLYMPIA DUKAKIS in "Moonstruck", Norma Aleandro in "Gaby - a True Story", Anne Archer in "Fatal Attraction", Anne Ramsey in "Throw Momma From the Train", Ann Sothern in "The Whales of August"

Director: BERNARDO BERTOLUCCI for "The Last Emperor", John Boorman for "Hope and Glory", Lasse Hallstrom for "My Life as a Dog", Norman Jewison for "Moonstruck", Adrian Lyne for "Fatal Attraction"

Picture: "RAIN MAN", "The Accidental Tourist", "Dangerous Liaisons", "Mississippi Burning", "Working Girl"

Actor: DUSTIN HOFFMAN in "Rain Man", Gene Hackman in "Mississippi Burning", Tom Hanks in "Big", Edward James Olmos in "Stand and Deliver", Max von Sydow in "Pelle the Conqueror"

Actress: JODIE FOSTER in "The Accused", Glenn Close in "Dangerous Liaisons", Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl", Meryl Streep in "A Cry in the Dark", Sigourney Weaver in "Gorillas in the Mist"

Supporting Actor: KEVIN KLINE in "A Fish Called Wanda", Alec Guinness in "Little Dorritt", Martin Landau in "Tucker: the Man and His Dream", River Phoenix in "Running on Empty", Dean Stockwell in "Married to the Mob"

Supporting Actress: GEENA DAVIS in "The Accidental Tourist", Joan Cusack in "Working Girl", Frances McDormand in "Mississippi Burning", Michelle Pfeiffer in "Dangerous Liaisons", Sigourney Weaver in "Working Girl"

Director: BARRY LEVINSON for "Rain Man", Charles Crichton for "A Fish Called Wanda", Mike Nichols for "Working Girl", Alan Parker for "Mississippi Burning", Martin Scorsese for "The Last Temptation of Christ"

1989 Picture: "DRIVING MISS DAISY", "Born on the Fourth of July", "Dead Poets Society", "Field of Dreams", "My Left Foot"

Actor: DANIEL DAY-LEWIS in "My Left Foot", Kenneth Branagh in "Henry V", Tom Cruise in "Born on the Fourth of July", Morgan Freeman in "Driving Miss Daisy", Robin Williams in "Dead Poets Society"

Actress: JESSICA TANDY in "Driving Miss Daisy", Isabelle Adjani in "Camille Claudel", Pauline Collins in "Shirley Valentine", Jessica Lange in "Music Box", Michelle Pfieffer in "The Fabulous Baker Boys"

Supporting Actor: DENZEL WASHINGTON in "Glory", Danny Aiello in "Do the Right Thing", Dan Aykroyd in "Driving Miss Daisy", Marlon Brando in "A Dry White Season", Martin Landau in "Crimes and Misdemeanors"

Supporting Actress: BRENDA FRICKER in "My Left Foot", Anjelica Huston in "Enemies, a Love Story", Lena Olin in "Enemies, a Love Story", Julia Roberts in "Steel Magnolias", Dianne Wiest in "Parenthood"

Director: OLIVER STONE for "Born on the Fourth of July", Woody Allen for "Crimes and Misdemeanors", Kenneth Branagh for "Henry V", Jim Sheridan for "My Left Foot", Peter Weir for "Dead Poets Society"


Team sports for kids were really popular beginning in the seventies and going through the present. Eighties' mothers ran carpool after work, kids had after school and week end cheerleading, baseball, football, soccer, gym, dance, jazz, you name it!

Nerd's became a hot commodity in the 1980s. Wealthy and brainy computer wizards like Stephen Wozniak helped. So did movies like Revenge of the Nerds, Lucas, Stand by Me, and Peggy Sue Got Married. TV joined the nerd ranks with ABC's hit series Head of the Class. Food of the 80s included the popular fast food places like Taco Bell and McDonald's McDLT and McRib. Kids loved Sweetarts, Skittles, Nerds, Runts, Hubba Bubba Chewing Gum, and Five Alive.

Collectibles were big in the 80s. Smurf and E.T. paraphernalia, Cabbage Patch dolls, camcorders, video games (Nintendo, Pac Man, Game Boy), Rubik's Cube, Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles, and Barbies (now Hispanic, Black, Asian) were big. New were discount air fares, lite foods, aerobics, minivans, talkshows, and Valley Girls.

The combination of Nancy Reagan's elegance and Princess Di's love of fashion, stimulated a return to opulent clothing styles. The mini made a major revival, denim was important. Anne Klein, Perry Ellis, Donna Karan, and Calvin Klein were designers for the 80s.

Film continued to influence and inspire clothing. The Flashdance look had young and old in tank tops, tight-fitting pants or torn jeans, and leg-warmers. Teens not wearing designer clothes opted for Michael Jackson's glove or Madona's fishnet stockings, leather, and chains. Older women wore the Out of Africa look popularized by Meryl Streep. Image won over reality and tanning salons thrived.

And how about designer underwear for men? Sneakers were so popular (and necessary) and the price so high that the Los Angeles Police Department accused shoe companies of cashing in on the easy drug money picked up by inner city kids. The shoe companies claimed the cost of high technologies needed to create the shoes was responsible for the huge jump in price.

During the eighties, Americans continued to travel around their own country - using every mode of transportation. Trips to Colorado for a mountain vacation were popular in summer as well as winter. Traveling was often in RVs.

-1980 Ronald Reagan became the US President
-1981 Revision on how inflation and unemployment are calculated
-1981 tax relief
-1982 tax increase
-1983 US troops killed in Lebanon by suicide bomber
-1984 Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) began to try to hold down rising Medicare costs

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Songs of the 1980's -alphabetical (*Artist/Song Title*)

A * a-ha/Take On Me * ABC/The Look of Love * ABC/Poison Arrow * Bryan Adams/Heaven * Bryan Adams/Straight From the Heart * Bryan Adams/Summer of '69 * After the Fire/Der Kommissar * Air Supply/Lost in Love * Air Supply/Making Love out of Nothing at All * Alphaville/Forever Young * Ambrosia/Biggest Part of Me * America/Right Before Your Eyes * America/You Can Do Magic * Animotion/Obsession * Adam Ant/Goody Two Shoes * Asia/Heat of the Moment * Asia/Only Time Will Tell * Asia/The Smile Has Left Your Eyes * Rick Astley/Never Gonna Give You Up * Atlantic Starr/Always *

B * B-52s/Love Shack * B-52s/Rock Lobster * Bad English/When I See You Smile * Bananarama/Cruel Summer * Bananarama/Venus * Band-Aid/Do They Know It's Christmas? * Bangles/Manic Monday * Bangles/Walk Like an Egyptian * Basia/Cruising for Bruising * Basia/Time and Tide * Beach Boys/Kokomo * Pat Benatar/Heartbreaker * Pat Benatar/Love is a Battlefield * Berlin/Take My Breath Away * Big Country/In a Big Country * Blondie/Rapture * Blondie/The Tide is High * Bon Jovi/Livin' On a Prayer * Bon Jovi/Never Say Goodbye * Boston/Amanda * Bourgeois Tagg/I Don't Mind At All * David Bowie/China Girl * David Bowie/Let's Dance * David Bowie/Modern Love * Boys Don't Cry/I Wanna Be a Cowboy * Laura Branigan/Gloria * Breathe/Hands to Heaven * Edie Brickell & New Bohemians/Circle * Edie Brickell & NewBohemians/What I Am * Martin Briley/Salt in My Tears * Jackson Browne/Boulevard * Jackson Browne/Somebody's Baby * Lindsey Buckingham/Go Insane * Lindsey Buckingham/Holiday Road *

C * The Call/I Still Believe * Belinda Carlisle/Circle in the Sand * Belinda Carlisle/Mad About You * Eric Carmen/Make Me Lose Control * Kim Carnes/Bette Davis Eyes * Paul Carrack/Don't Shed a Tear * Jim Carroll Band/People Who Died * Cars/Drive * Cars/My Best Friend's Girl * Cars/You Might Think * Tracy Chapman/Fast Car * Charlie/It's Inevitable * Cheap Trick/The Flame * Chicago/Hard Habit to Break * Chicago/Will You Still Love Me * Church/Under the Milky Way * Clash/Rock the Casbah * Clash/Should I Stay or Should I Go? * Climax Blues Band/I Love You * Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes/Up Where We Belong * Natalie Cole/Miss You Like Crazy * Phil Collins/Against All Odds * Phil Collins & Philip Bailey/Easy Lover * Phil Collins/In the Air Tonight * Commodores/Night Shift * Commodores/Sail On * Tommy Conwell & the Young Rumblers/If We Never Meet Again * Elvis Costello/Everyday I Write the Book * Elvis Costello/Veronica * John Cougar/Hurts So Good * John Cougar/Jack & Diane * Crosby, Stills & Nash/Southern Cross * Crosby, Stills & Nash/Wasted on the Way * Christopher Cross/Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) * Christopher Cross/Sailing * Christopher Cross/Think of Laura * Crowded House/Don't Dream It's Over * Culture Club/Do You Really Want To Hurt Me* Culture Club/Karma Chameleon * Culture Club/Time (Clock of the Heart) * Cure/Love Cats * Cutting Crew/(I Just) Died in Your Arms * Cutting Crew/I've Been in Love Before *

D * Danny Wilson/Mary's Prayer * Terence Trent D'Arby/Wishing Well * Paul Davis/'65 Love Affair * Taylor Dayne/I'll Always Love You * Dead Milkmen/Bitchin' Camaro * Chris DeBurgh/Don't Pay The Ferryman * Chris DeBurgh/The Lady in Red * Def Leppard/Photograph * Del Fuegos/I Still Want You * Depeche Mode/Blasphemous Rumours * Depeche Mode/Somebody * Depeche Mode/The Sun and the Rainfall * Devo/Whip It * Dexys Midnight Runners/Come on Eileen * Dennis DeYoung/Desert Moon * Dire Straits/Money for Nothing * Dire Straits/Sultans of Swing * Dire Straits/Walk of Life * Dire Straits/Why Worry * DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince/Parents Just Don't Understand * Thomas Dolby/Airwaves * Thomas Dolby/She Blinded Me With Science * Double/Captain of Her Heart * Dream Academy/Life in a Northern Town * Robbie Dupree/Steal Away * Duran Duran/Hungry Like the Wolf * Duran Duran/Is There Something I Should Know * Duran Duran/Rio * Duran Duran/Save a Prayer * Duran Duran/View to a Kill *

E * Eagles/Heartache Tonight * Eagles/Hotel California * Sheena Easton/Morning Train * Electric Light Orchestra/All Over the World * Electric Light Orchestra/Don't Bring Me Down * Enya/Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) * Escape Club/I'll Be There * Escape Club/Wild, Wild West * Europe/Carrie * Eurythmics/Here Comes the Rain Again * Eurythmics/Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) *

F * Donald Fagen/I.G.Y. * Harold Faltermeyer/Axel F (Instrumental) * Karel Fialka/Hey Matthew * Fine Young Cannibals/Good Thing * Fine Young Cannibals/She Drives Me Crazy * Fixx/One Thing Leads to Another * Fixx/Saved By Zero * Fleetwood Mac/Gypsy * Fleetwood Mac/Sara * Flock of Seagulls/I Ran * Dan Fogelberg/Longer * Dan Fogelberg/Same Old Lang Syne * John Fogerty/Centerfield * John Fogerty/Old Man Down the Road * Foreigner/I Want To Know What Love Is * Foreigner/That Was Yesterday * Frankie Goes to Hollywood/The Power of Love * Frankie Goes to Hollywood/Relax * Frankie Goes to Hollywood/Two Tribes * Glenn Frey/The Heat is On * Glenn Frey/You Belong to the City * Frida/I Know There's Something Going On *

G * Peter Gabriel/In Your Eyes * Peter Gabriel/Sledgehammer * Gap Band/You Dropped a Bomb on Me * Marvin Gaye/Sexual Healing * J. Geils Band/Centerfold * J. Geils Band/Freeze-Frame * General Public/Tenderness *Genesis/Misunderstanding * Genesis/No Reply at All * Genesis/That's All * Georgia Satellites/Keep Your Hands to Yourself * Glass Tiger/Someday * Go-Go's/Vacation * Go-Go's/We Got the Beat * Golden Earring/Twilight Zone * Lou Gramm/Just Between You and Me * Eddy Grant/Electric Avenue * Grateful Dead/Touch of Grey * Guns-n-Roses/Patience *

H * Sammy Hagar/Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy * Daryl Hall & John Oates/Kiss is on My List * Daryl Hall & John Oates/Maneater * Daryl Hall & John Oates/Private Eyes * Paul Hardcastle/19 * Jimmy Harnen with Synch/Where Are You Now * George Harrison/All Those Years Ago * George Harrison/When We Was Fab * Corey Hart/Sunglasses at Night * Dan Hartman/I Can Dream About You * Murray Head/One Night in Bangkok * Jeff Healey Band/Angel Eyes * Heart/These Dreams * Don Henley/Boys of Summer * Don Henley/Dirty Laundry * Don Henley/End of the Innocence * Bertie Higgins/Key Largo * Rupert Holmes/Escape (The Piña Colada Song) * Honeydrippers/Sea of Love * Hooters/And We Danced * Bruce Hornsby & the Range/Mandolin Rain * Bruce Hornsby & the Range/The Way It Is * Human League/Don't You Want Me * Human League/Human *

I * Icicle Works/Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) * Billy Idol/Eyes Without a Face * Billy Idol/Mony Mony "Live" * Billy Idol/White Wedding * Information Society/What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy) * INXS/Need You Tonight * Chris Isaak/You Owe Me Some Kind of Love*

J * Janet Jackson/Let's Wait Awhile * Jermaine Jackson/Do What You Do * Joe Jackson/Breaking Us in Two * Joe Jackson/Steppin' Out * Joe Jackson/You Can't Get What You Want * Michael Jackson/Billie Jean * Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney/The Girl is Mine * Jets/Make It Real * Joan Jett & the Blackhearts/I Love Rock-n-Roll * Billy Joel/Allentown * Billy Joel/I Go to Extremes * Billy Joel/It's Still Rock and Roll to Me * Billy Joel/Leave a Tender Moment Alone * Billy Joel/The Longest Time * Billy Joel/We Didn't Start the Fire * Elton John/Blue Eyes * Elton John/Candle in the Wind * Elton John/I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues * Elton John/Little Jeannie * Robert John/Sad Eyes * Johnny Hates Jazz/Turn Back the Clock * Howard Jones/Life in One Day * Howard Jones/No One is to Blame * Oran "Juice" Jones/The Rain * Journey/Don't Stop Believin' * Journey/Faithfully * Journey/Send Her My Love *

K * Kajagoogoo/Too Shy * Kansas/Play the Game Tonight * Nik Kershaw/Wouldn't It Be Good * Kid Creole & the Coconuts/Annie I'm Not Your Daddy * Greg Kihn Band/Jeopardy * Kinks/Come Dancing * Knack/My Sharona * Kon-Kan/I Beg Your Pardon * Kool & the Gang/Celebration * Kool & the Gang/Cherish * Kool & the Gang/Joanna * Lenny Kravitz/It Ain't Over Till It's Over *

L * Cyndi Lauper/Girls Just Want to Have Fun * Cyndi Lauper/Time After Time * Cyndi Lauper/True Colors * John Lennon/(Just Like) Starting Over * John Lennon/Woman * Julian Lennon/Too Late for Goodbyes * Julian Lennon/Valotte * Level 42/Something About You * Huey Lewis & the News/Do You Believe in Love * Huey Lewis & the News/The Heart of Rock & Roll * Huey Lewis & the News/If This Is It * Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam/All Cried Out * Little River Band/Cool Change * Little River Band/Lonesome Loser * Little River Band/Take It Easy On Me * Little River Band/We Two * Living Colour/Cult of Personality * Kenny Loggins/Footloose * Kenny Loggins/I'm Alright * Love and Rockets/So Alive * Nick Lowe/Cruel to be Kind *

M * M/Pop Muzik * Madness/Our House * Madonna/Borderline * Madonna/Crazy for You * Madonna/Into the Groove * Madonna/La Isla Bonita * Melissa Manchester/You Should Hear How She Talks About You * Manhattans/Shining Star * Barry Manilow/Copacabana * Barry Manilow/Read 'em and Weep * Benny Mardones/Into the Night * Martika/Toy Soldiers * Richard Marx/Endless Summer Nights * Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson/Say, Say, Say * Paul McCartney/Take It Away * Bobby McFerrin/Don't Worry, Be Happy * Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes/(I've Had) The Time of My Life * John Cougar Mellencamp/Cherry Bomb * John Cougar Mellencamp/Pink Houses * Men At Work/Down Under * Men At Work/Overkill * Men At Work/Who Can It Be Now? * Men Without Hats/Safety Dance * Mental As Anything/Spirit Got Lost * George Michael/Father Figure * George Michael/Kissing a Fool * Bette Midler/The Rose * Midnight Oil/Beds Are Burning * Mike + the Mechanics/Living Years * Mike + the Mechanics/Silent Running * Mike + the Mechanics/Taken In * Steve Miller Band/Abracadabra * Mr. Mister/Broken Wings * Mr. Mister/Kyrie * Modern English/I Melt With You * Eddie Money/I Think I'm in Love * Monkees/That Was Then, This Is Now * Moody Blues/The Voice * Moody Blues/Your Wildest Dreams * Giorgio Morodor/Together in Electric Dreams * Motels/Only the Lonely * Motels/Suddenly Last Summer * Moving Pictures/What About Me *

N * Nails/88 Lines About 44 Women * Naked Eyes/Always Something There to Remind Me * Naked Eyes/Promises, Promises * Nena/99 Luftballons * Juice Newton/Angel of the Morning * Olivia Newton-John/Physical * Olivia Newton-John/Xanadu * Stevie Nicks and Don Henley/Leather and Lace * Night Ranger/Goodbye * Night Ranger/Sister Christian * Night Ranger/When You Close Your Eyes * Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/An American Dream * Nu Shooz/I Can't Wait Gary Numan/Cars *

O * Oak Ridge Boys/Elvira * Sinéad O'Connor/Troy * Oingo Boingo/Dead Man's Party * OMD/If You Leave * Roy Orbison/You Got It * Outfield/Your Love *

P * Robert Palmer/Addicted To Love * Ray Parker, Jr./Ghostbusters * Alan Parsons Project/Don't Answer Me * Alan Parsons Project/Eye in the Sky * Alan Parsons Project/Time * Steve Perry/Oh Sherrie * Pet Shop Boys/Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) * Pet Shop Boys/West End Girls * Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers/Don't Do Me Like That * Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers/You Got Lucky * Pink Floyd/Another Brick In The Wall, Part II * Robert Plant/Big Log * Robert Plant/Ship of Fools * Police/Don't Stand So Close To Me * Police/Every Breath You Take * Police/Wrapped Around Your Finger * Power Station/Some Like It Hot * Pretenders/Brass in Pocket (I'm Special) * Pretenders/Chain Gang * Prince/1999 * Prince/Little Red Corvette * Prince/When Doves Cry * Psychedelic Furs/Pretty in Pink *

Q * Quarterflash/Harden My Heart * Queen/Another One Bites the Dust * Queen/Crazy Little Thing Called Love * Quiet Riot/Cum on Feel the Noize *

R * Eddie Rabbitt/I Love a Rainy Night * Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle/You and I * Gerry Rafferty/Right Down the Line * Real Life/Send Me an Angel * R.E.M./It's the End of the World as We Know It * R.E.M./The One I Love * REO Speedwagon/Can't Fight This Feeling * REO Speedwagon/Take It on the Run * REO Speedwagon/Time for Me to Fly * Restless Heart/I'll Still Be Loving You * Lionel Richie/Hello * Smokey Robinson/Being With You * Rockwell/Somebody's Watching Me * Kenny Rogers/Coward of the County * Rolling Stones/Emotional Rescue * Romantics/Talking in Your Sleep* Diana Ross & Lionel Richie/Endless Love * David Lee Roth/Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody * Roxette/It Must Have Been Love * Roxette/The Look *

S * Sade/Smooth Operator * Scandal/Goodbye to You * Joey Scarbury/Theme from "The Greatest American Hero" (Believe It or Not) * Peter Schilling/Major Tom (Coming Home) * Timothy B. Schmit/So In Love * Scorpions/Still Loving You * Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band/Against the Wind * Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band/Old Time Rock & Roll * Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band/Shame on the Moon * Charlie Sexton/Hold Me * Sheriff/When I'm With You * Paul Simon/You Can Call Me Al * Simple Minds/Don't You Forget About Me * Simply Red/Holding Back the Years * Simply Red/If You Don't Know Me By Now * Slade/My Oh My * Slade/Run Runaway * Smiths/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want * Soft Cell/Tainted Love * Spandau Ballet/True * Spin Doctors/Little Miss Can't Be Wrong * Spinners/Working My Way Back to You/Forgive Me, Girl * Rick Springfield/Don't Talk To Strangers * Rick Springfield/Jessie's Girl * Bruce Springsteen/Brilliant Disguise * Bruce Springsteen/Dancing in the Dark * Bruce Springsteen/Hungry Heart * Bruce Springsteen/I'm On Fire * Billy Squier/Everybody Wants You * Billy Squier/The Stroke * Starship/Sara * Starship/We Built This City * Steel Breeze/You Don't Want Me Anymore * Steely Dan/Hey 19 * Van Stephenson/Modern Day Delilah * Rod Stewart/Some Guys Have All the Luck * Rod Stewart/Young Turks * Sting/Fortress Around Your Heart * Sting/Russians * Stray Cats/Rock This Town * Stray Cats/Stray Cat Strut * Styx/Babe * Styx/Don't Let It End * Styx/Mr. Roboto * Donna Summer/This Time I Know It's For Real * Supertramp/It's Raining Again * Supertramp/The Logical Song * Supertramp/Long Way Home * Survivor/Eye of the Tiger * Survivor/The Search Is Over * Sylvia/Nobody *

T * Taco/Puttin' on the Ritz * Talking Heads/And She Was * Talking Heads/Burning Down the House * Tears for Fears/Everybody Wants to Rule the World * Tears for Fears/Shout * 38 Special/Second Chance * Thompson Twins/Hold Me Now * Thompson Twins/Lies * 'til Tuesday/Voices Carry * Timbuk3/The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades * Tommy Tutone/Jenny (867-5309) * Tones on Tail/Slender Fungus * Toto/Africa * Toto/Rosanna * Toto/Stranger in Town * Toto Coelo/I Eat Cannibals * T'Pau/Heart and Soul * Traveling Wilburys/Handle with Care * Randy Travis/Forever and Ever,Amen * Trio/Da Da Da * Tubes/She's A Beauty * Tina Turner/Private Dancer * Tina Turner/What's Love Got to Do With It * Twisted Sister/We're Not Gonna Take It * Bonnie Tyler/Total Eclipse of the Heart *

U * UB40/Red Red Wine * Tracey Ullman/They Don't Know * U2/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For * U2/Where the Streets Have No Name * U2/With or Without You *

V * Van Halen/Dreams * Van Halen/Hot for Teacher * Van Halen/Jump * Van Halen/Love Walks In * Randy Vanwarmer/Just When I Needed You Most * Vapors/Turning Japanese * Suzanne Vega/Luka * Billy Vera & the Beaters/At This Moment * Village People/Y.M.C.A. * Violent Femmes/Blister in the Sun * Violent Femmes/Prove My Love *

W * Jack Wagner/All I Need * John Waite/Missing You * Wall of Voodoo/Mexican Radio * Joe Walsh/Life's Been Good * Wang Chung/Dance Hall Days * Wang Chung/Everybody Have Fun Tonight * Warrant/Heaven * Dionne Warwick/Heartbreaker * Grover Washington, Jr./Just the Two of Us * Weather Girls/It's Raining Men * Wham!/Careless Whisper * Wham!/Freedom * When in Rome/The Promise * Whitesnake/Here I Go Again * Kim Wilde/Kids in America * Will to Power/Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley * Steve Winwood/Back in the High Life Again * Steve Winwood/Valerie * Stevie Wonder/I Just Called to Say I Love You *

X * XTC/Dear God *

Y * "Weird" Al Yankovic/Eat It * Yes/Leave It * Yes/Owner of a Lonely Heart * Neil Young/Wonderin' * Paul Young/Come Back And Stay * Paul Young/Everytime You Go Away *

Z * ZZ Top/Gimme All Your Lovin' * ZZ Top/Legs *

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