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From 1960 to 1969

-1960 American U-2 spy plane shot down over Russia; Cold War escalates

-1961 John F Kennedy (an author) became US President. First President to really use the media effectively.

-1962 "Bay of Pigs" disaster.

-1962 later handled the "Cuban Missle Crisis" backing Russia down

-1961 first "White House Conference on Aging"

-1963, November assasination of JFK, Lydon B Johnson (a teacher) became US President

-1963 Martin Luther King Jr assasinated

-1963 Congress passes "Tonkin Resolution" increasing US involvement in Viet Nam

-1965 major wave of race riots begin in Wattts, Los Angeles

-1965 "War on Poverty" as part of LBJ's "Great Society"

-1965 Social Security is amended to include new health coverages (Medicare & Medicaid)

-1965 "Older American's Act passed to provide for social services (like Senior Citizen Centers) for those 65+ years old.

-1968 the "Great Society" looses favor as costs of Viet Nam War increase

-1968 "Tet Offensive" in Viet Nam escalates the war

-1968 assasination of Robert F Kenndy (JFK's brother) who was running for US President

-1969 Richard M Nixon became US President & begins to dismantle the "Great Society"

-1969 US forces in Viet Nam peak at 540,000

-1969 250,00 march against US involvement in Viet Nam

-1962 NASA uses the first satellite to relay TV -1963 invention of the tape recorder
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