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From 1950 to 1959

-1950 Senator McCarthey's "red scare" went until 1954

-1950 Internal Security Act (In the US, it required communists to register with the government)

-1950, June US sends troops to Korea under UN Authorization

-1952 first H-bomb tested in the Pacific

-1953 Dwight D Eisenhower became US President

-1953, July Korean War ceases: no winner, but "peaceful co-existance"

-1953-54 US CIA effects foreign governments' outcomes

-1954 US paying 80% of the costs of war in Indo-China. France continued fighting until the Americans stepped in

-1954 Brown vs The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. US Supreme Court stuck down the "separate but equal" doctrine and forced school integration

-1956 begining of the $26 billion national freeway system (initially part of Civil Defense strategy in case of Nuclear War)

-a decade of civil unrest

-1951 first transcontinental telecast -1954 investion of hovercraft -1954 invention of the atomic-powered sub -1956 invention of the picture-phone -1958 invention of the lazar -1958-63 Polio vaccine
Remember "Gunsmoke?"

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