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From 1910 to 1919

-1901-1917 "The Progessive Era" Though not a coherent, unified movement, it resulted from the need for reform after the 1893-96 depression

-1911 National Urban League on Conditions

-1912 US Childrens' Bureau Act

-1913 US saw an internal "red scare" with domestic bombings. Labor unrest.

-1913 17th Amendment to US Constitution. Allows popular election of US Senators

-1913 Woodrow Wilson became President. He ordered racial segregation in federal agencies and created the Federal Reserve System.

1917 he started his second term

-1916 Federal Income Tax becomes mandatory and permanent.

-1916 Child Labor Act passed

-1917 US declares war on Germany

-1917 Illinios had a very bloody racial conflict

-1918 President Wildson's 14 Points for Peace and the League of Nations

-1919 18th Amendment to US Constitution: Prohibition


-1913 Henry Ford pioneered the assembly line

-1914 to 1918 "The Great War to End All Wars" (WWI) Germany sued for peace November 1918

-1914 Invention and use of the tank for war

-1915 First transcontinental telephone call

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